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David Horowitz

Luminary Experts

Mr. Horowitz is an expert witness specializing in intellectual property and contract disputes for software related matters, and Managing Partner of Luminary Experts, providing expert witnesses of the highest caliber, focusing primarily on software and IT issues. In his own cases, Mr. Horowitz delivers finely tuned written declarations, depositions and court testimony. Mr. Horowitz blends his extensive professional technical background as Co-Founder of software consulting firm Soundside Inc. with his significant family background in law practice to yield an insightful understanding of the topics at issue in each matter. He has a talent for translating complex technical issues into language judges and juries can understand. Mr. Horowitz has been successfully engaged in patent, copyright, trade secret and complex contractual disputes by multinationals and SMB’s alike.

EXPERIENCE: Managing Partner, Luminary Experts expert witness agency and Soundside Inc. software development consulting firm
EDUCATION: University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science
LOCATION: New York City


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