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Linda Stevens

Smith O'Callaghan & White

I am a trial lawyer and counselor with a national practice based in Chicago. I have more than 30 years’ experience in resolving – both inside and outside of the courtroom – intellectual property and other commercial disputes. I have experience with emergency injunction hearings, dispositive motions, international arbitration, mediation, and trying cases to both bench and jury. 

In addition to my courtroom and other dispute resolution work, I have acted as general outside counsel, assisting intellectual property-focused businesses with a wide array of business issues. This general corporate experience gives me a broader and more holistic view how litigation fits (or doesn't fit) into a client's business and strategy. I know that most clients view litigation as a last resort, a tool to be used only after other, more strategic and cost-effective dispute resolution methods have been explored. But when litigation is necessary, clients want quick and effective action.

PRACTICE AREAS: Employment and Intellectual Property Litigation

PRIOR ROLES/EXPERIENCE: Schiff Hardin (partner)

LAW SCHOOL:  University of Michigan


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Replay with Live Q&A
Replay with Live Q&A

Non-Competes, Trade Secrets, Departing Employees and Raiding: Key Tips for In-House Counsel to Protect Your Company's Interests

Practice Areas:
Employment & Labor Law |  Intellectual Property Law |  Litigation
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